Katarina Lundgren - Growth Facilitator Are you looking for ways of how to be more in synchrony, at ease, in peace – with yourself? More grounded in your choices? Wanting to move forward towards doing and embracing the things that are important to you in life?

Finding our own ways, our own joy and peace is sometimes not so easy. We often carry a heavy load of expectations to fit in, do what others think would be good for us, follow more traditional and straight ways to a more traditional life. Many of us learn early in life to listen more to others than to ourselves.

If you feel a bit wilder in your heart, want to live your own one precious life, not limiting yourself because of fears, but still have a lot of questions, hesitations, even fears, I offer you sessions where we together can explore both your map, your compass and possible roads ahead and unexplored areas, as well as what might hold you back and how you can practice hearing and trusting yourself better. And perhaps live a little bolder? Or feeling more grounded in your choices. 


So, what is this? That I am offering?

I always operate in intersections. What I offer is based on experiential learning, often on animal (equine) and/or nature assisted work. On mindfulness – but also what I call heartfulness, as well as expressive arts, and movement modalities.

I am a psychotherapy trainee, and I also offer psychotherapy (I am under supervision). But the above sessions I don’t call psychotherapy, but growth sessions.

I have over 11 years of experience facilitating growth for people. I offer sessions in-person, in a couple of places, since I am a bit wild at heart, an adventurer and somewhat of a nomad myself, these sessions cannot be had once a week, but more intensively and as boosts to other growth work you do (in or outside of therapy), get in touch to know where I am if you want to book in-person sessions. I also offer sessions online. Where you will get homework to do outdoors, in nature and/or together with animals you have around you/can meet.

If you are a nature assisted practitioner or work animal assisted yourself, I also offer supervision or mentoring.

I have extensive training in trauma and dissociation, and together with that I also consult using my own lived experience on early childhood trauma, dissociation, and Neurodivergence/neurodiversity.

In my offers to you, I use all my skills, practice, knowledge, and experience.

I am happy to do both individual and group work.

Check under services for other of my offers.

Do you feel curious about me and my offers?

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