Horse, tea and notepadUniversity:

Bachelor of Arts at Lund University:

  1. In Language and Literature
  2. In the History of Ideas & Science + Philosophy + a year at the Swedish Agricultural University.

Moving (step by step) towards my 3 Master’s degrees:

  1. Master of Arts 1: In Cognitive Science
  2. Master of Arts 2: In the History of Ideas & Science
  3. Masters of Science: Psychotherapy

Other educations, trainings & Continuing Professional Development Courses:


2022-2027 MSc in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Applications, Metanoia Institute, UK

2022-2023 Fundamental Art Education, The Österlen School for Art & Design, Sweden



2022 CPD Course: "A Disorder For Everyone - Understanding dissociative experiences without the "disorder" bit!", Drop the Disorder, UK (online training)

2021 Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling Skills and Studies, Metanoia Institute, UK (online training)

2021 Registered VictimFocus Trainer, with VictimFocus and Dr. Jessica Taylor, UK (online training). 

2020 “Takin’ it to the feet” Nonhuman Nature Research Methods. Indigenous Research Methods (IRM), The Kerulos Center for Nonviolence, US (online training)

2020 Training in Advanced Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, USA (online training)

2019 “The Effect of Polyvagal on Healing Trauma” Course, with Stephen Porges, International Trauma-Healing Institute, Israel

2019 Training in Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, USA (online training)

2019 Basic Training in PTSD, ViduNova Trauma Expertiscentrum, Sweden

2018 Introduction week in Gestalt Therapy, GIS International, Denmark

2018 Certified Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, Mindful Ohio & The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, UK

2016 Additional training in Mindfulness at Work, Mindfulnesscentrum, Sweden

2015 Equine Assisted Coaching and Learning for Corporations and Organizations, TAAC/EAGALA – hosted by me in Sweden

2015 Certified Mindfulness Instructor, Mindfulnesscentrum, Sweden

2013 EAGALA Advanced Training, UK

2013 Applied Equine Zooanthropology (Equine-Human Interaction Facilitator), Learning Animals, The Netherlands

2012 The EAGALA Model in the Military: A Practical Application, Germany

2012 Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Learning, EAGALA Certified as an Equine Specialist, Level 1 & 2, UK

2006 Project Leader Training, TietoEnator, Sweden

1997 Education in Graphic Design, TiM, Sweden



Applying Theoretical Frameworks and Organizational Structures to Help Develop the Animal Assisted Therapy Field, in Career Paths in Human-Animal Interaction for Social and Behavioral Scientists (2021), edited by Lori Kogan and Phyllis Erdman, Routledge

Freedom From... and Freedom To... Equine Welfare and the role of the Equine Professional in Equine Assisted Interventions, in A Horse is a Horse of Course, Compendium 3, (2018), edited by Ilka Parent, Amazon Kindle Publishing

What science says about equine-human interaction in equine assisted therapy - An outline to a theoretical framework, in Equine-Assisted Mental Health Interventions Harnessing Solutions to Common Problems, 2018, edited by Kay Sudekum Trotter and Jennifer Baggerly, Routledge

The Horse as a Biological Being – Ecology and Evolutionary Adaptations, in A Horse is a Horse of Course, Compendium 1, 2017, edited by Ilka Parent, CreativeSpace

Equine Cognition and Equine-Human Interactions – Expanding Our Knowledge on Equines to Improve Equine Assisted Therapies and Equine Welfare and Wellbeing, in A Horse is a Horse of Course, Compendium 1, 2017, edited by Ilka Parent, CreativeSpace

Sharing Minds – Equine-Human Intersubjectivity in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – An Outline to a Theoretical Framework, in A Horse is a Horse of Course, Compendium 1, 2017, edited by Ilka Parent, CreativeSpace


Speaker/Presenter Assignments:

2021 Invited speaker at the symposium “Animal-assisted psychotherapy: It’s all about the relationship” at the IAHAIO conference, hosted online by IAHAIO, USA

2021 Speaker at the online conference: Equine Cultures in Transition, hosted by SLU Sweden

2021 Speaker at the HETI (The Federation of Horses in Education & Therapy International) conference, in South Korea/Online presentation

2021 Speaker at the conference: NOURISHED: The Role of Beauty, Nourishment, Safety and Strength in Equine, Animal & Nature Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning, in Australia/Online presentation

2020 Speaker at the 3rd International Equine Welfare and Wellbeing Conference, in Spain/Online presentation

2020 Invited speaker at Swedish Red Cross Centre for Persons Affected by War and Torture in Malmoe

2019 Invited Speaker at the “From Theory to Practice in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy” seminar day at the Cavaliero Stables in collaboration with IAAAP – The Israeli Association of Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy, Israel

2019 Co-presenter with a poster at ISES (International Society for Equitation Science), Canada

2019 Co-presenter at APA (American Psychological Association), on an animal welfare and ethics panel, in USA

2019 Presenter and coordinator at Minds-n-Motion “A Horse is a Horse, of Course” 3rd International Symposium, in USA.

2018 Speaker at Minds-n-Motion “A Horse is a Horse, of Course” 2nd International Symposium (as well as co-organizer and host), in Sweden.

2018 Speaker at the HETI (The Federation of Horses in Education & Therapy International) conference in Ireland.

2017 Speaker at Minds-n-Motion “A Horse is a Horse, of Course” 1st International Symposium (as well as co-organizer), in Germany

2017 Speaker at the 2nd Animal Welfare Science Symposium at Swedish University of Agricultural Science

2014 Speaker at the seminar series “The Animal Turn” at the Puffendorf Institute at Lund University.

2012 Speaker at the conference “Home Based Care - the solution to an aging society” A Sweden/China perspective, organized by Det medicinska Malmö, Swecare foundation and Umeå University, in Sweden.


Voluntary Work and Board Director/Trust Assaignements

2017-Ongoing Chair of board in, and founder of, Stiftelsen (The trust) MiMer (founded 2013, turned into a trust 2017). A trust and a NGO that works with promoting, spreading, supporting and doing, research and education about equines in therapy and other human activities, equine welfare, equine-human interaction & equine science.

2016-2020 Co-organizer and co-administrator of “A Horse is a Horse, of Course Symposiums & Compendiums, in Collaboration with Minds-n-Motion, Germany

2006-2019 Board member in Rusthållaregården AB

2013-2016 Board member in LEADER Lundaland

2012–2018 Network Coordinator Eagala Sweden

2008-2016 Board member in Bobang Sweden AB


Businesses: Sole Proprietor and Director of the Trust MiMer

2004-Ongoing Owner (Sole Proprietor), developer, advocate, trainer, writer, speaker, content creator, educator, facilitator, photographer (etc) at Live the Change and Katarina Lundgren 

2013-Ongoing - Researcher, trainer, educator, developer, content creator, writer and speaker at MiMer Centre.

2013-Ongoing Founder, director, manager and developer of MiMer – International Equine-Human Education, Research Centre, which promotes research, educates on equines and equines-human interaction in therapies, and safeguards ethics and welfare for all beings involved in the field of animal assisted activities and interventions. MiMer also educates on trauma informed/aware/sensitive care/approaches, and offers national and international trainings, workshops, seminars etc on all the above topics, as well as coordinates/organizes international symposiums and publishes books and other educational material.

2019-2022 Project leader at HorseHub, a EU funded Leader project to help horse businesses grow.

2010-2018 Founder, director, manager and developer of the hostel Trollskogens Vandrarhem with horse/riding tourism as one of its main offers.

2011-2018 Founder, director, manager and developer of Horse & Nature, a business that offered personal development to individuals and private persons and corporations and psychotherapy to different groups of clients, together with horses, out in nature.

2009-2014 Founder, director, manager and developer of Lilla Hästskolan, a riding and education centre where children and adults came and learned about horses and riding -  in lessons, after school activities, camps during holidays, educational workshops, trainings and clinics.

2006-2014 Founder, director, manager and developer of Rustållaregårdens Reklambyrå with commissions as a web designer and marketing strategist/communicator, helping smaller businesses and organizations, with a focus on Chinese companies seeking Swedish collaborators in the Life Science sector.

2004-2015 Manager of Rusthållaregården, a livery yard, taking care of and being responsible for about 30 horses daily, as well as tend to the human side of horse ownership.



2005-2006 Infomaster at BTJ Nordic AB

2003-2005 Graphic designer at BTJ Nordic AB

2002-2003 Communication/Marketing Specialist/Coordinator at BTJ Nordic AB

1999-2002 Educator/Administrator at BTJ Nordic AB

1998-1999 Teacher in web design, Webbstugan, Lund Municipality

1994-1997 Reporter/Interviewer at corporate magazine at Åkerlund & Rausing AB

1987-1994 Switchboard operator, receptionist, factory worker, shop assistant, kitchen aid, archivist at Åkerlund & Rausing AB etc. I had several shorter and longer employments at different corporations and organizations during my time as a student at Lund University and as a High school student at Katedralskolan in Lund