My Own ArtBalance

I have always been an artist. I just didn't show many people what I did. Now I do!

And to help myself understand how I can share my art - I did a year at Österlenskolan for Art and Design. These pieces are part of my exam.


Places I have had art pieces exhibited at:

Gallery 21 in Malmö

Österlen's Museum in Simrishamn


Contact me if you are interested in showing my art: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 No Mud No Lotus

Expressive Arts

Part of trauma healing to me - is to find ways to express oneself.. I work with expressive arts as part of my offer. It can be all kinds of art, also expressive writing. I published the book "I AM HAPPY! - The Journey" as part of my art school exam, but also as part of my idea to teach about how one can overcome severe trauma and dissociation, shared from my own lived experience perspective.

I use expressive arts as part of my trauma sensitive work with clients and workshop participants, as sometimes expressing things without talking, even without words, is easier and more beneficial for processing and integration than using words. Sometimes writing is easier than talking. I offer choices around how you can process, reflect, integrate and bridge your experiences in sessions and workshops. 

The drawings/paintings below are from last year, and are all included in the book "I AM HAPPY!"

 LightI AM HAPPY!VoiceEyesHomeLetting go (of what could have been)