A horse and a woman in sensory exploration

Our TS-EAM Weekend Workshop is for you who want to work with yourself and explore and learn about how you function, what your stress and/or trauma responses look like and how you can become better at helping yourself to greater inner awareness being able to make yourself feel more safe, resilient, self-compassionate, present and in better attunement with ourselves and others.

This workshop is designed to take you, through a process, where you step by step create a solid and individualized base for your mindfulness & meditation practices. TS-EAM incorporates experiential learning, trauma sensitive mindfulness (TSM), creative mindfulness and meditations, and nature based and animal assisted learning and mindfulness to support you in a relaxing, grounding, resource creating, emotionally supportive, reflective, and therapeutic processes. You are introduced to how you both can be with yourself and work with yourself to, without overwhelm, be with your stress and trauma responses with better and greater agility and flexibility.

These are the steps we move through during a 2-day workshop. There are shorter psycho-educational introductions to each theme, but the main work, we do with the horses, in nature.

This workshop is for any adult, either you come to enhance your own wellbeing and understanding of yourself, or how you perhaps can incorporate some of this way of working into your own services of equine assisted interventions.



TS-EAM Workshops 2024

We have so far offered TS-EAM workshops in Sweden, Finland, Norway, UK, Polen, Latvia, Hungary, Italy and Germany. 

Upcoming workshops in 2024: If you want to host a TS-EAM workshop, contact Katarina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We do have some room left for workshops in autumn 2023 too. 



The first day we start with Introduction and Contextualization. Then we work with Mindful Gauges, Safety and Resilience, Inner Awareness, Self-Compassion and Belonging. The second day we work with Presence and Attunement/Attachment and lastly with Integration and Bridging. Not all of you will do all of the steps, or focus equally much on each step, this is part of our trauma sensitive and individualized approach. You will work in our own pace and decide for yourself what works for you.


Setting and Preparations

We work mostly outdoors, prepare with proper clothing, and bring what you need to take care of yourself through the weekend (water bottles, sunscreen, sun hat, wellies, sunglasses, hat, gloves, extra snacks, paper and pen – whatever you need to be comfortable and be able to remember what we do).



The program itself, lunch and morning and afternoon snacks with tea and coffee. Access to nature and the presence of horses. Skilled facilitators. An introductory webinar on TS-EAM.


Not included

Travel and accommodation, any other meals than the ones mentioned above.



I work with different, but always very skilled facilitators in each location and country. 



Regular price: 495 Euro

Early Bird: 445 Euro 

Contact me if you are in training with me, then you will get a reduced price. 

Group size is set to a maximum of 12 participants (on occasions we have bigger groups, depending on venue/facility). 


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If you have any further questions about this workshop, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.