Butterfly– Inviting the more than human world into your growth processes

As a psychotherapist, mindfulness instructor and growth/learning facilitator within the ecological tradition (ecopsychology, ecotherapy, nature assisted/based interventions, wild/wilderness intervention, green care etc.) – I invite the more than human world to be part of the growth and therapeutic processes taking place in sessions, workshops, and retreats, that I facilitate.

Read more in this section about the different services I offer in Live the Change – related to psychotherapy and ecotherapy. Read more about offers of ECO-Mindfulness and Learning in this section.  

I work integratively, in more than one way. I work with nature and animal assisted interventions (mostly equine assisted interventions), I work with expressive arts, movement-based interventions, mindfulness, and I use my own experiences and philosophy. In psychotherapy, my own training and coming licensure is in Transactional Analysis (TA), but I also have a yearlong training in person-centered psychotherapy, and a shorter training in gestalt psychotherapy. Together with my own long psychotherapy (which was psychodynamic/psychoanalytical based) and my added trainings in trauma sensitive mindfulness, expressive arts, other mindfulness, expressive and learning based courses + my academic training in cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, history of ideas and science, literature and language, agricultural science, and my own art training – I am truly multimodal in all that I do (for my full background, check my CV out).

I would, despite these diverse trainings and educations, argue that my own experiences from my own growth journey is my most important “training”.