Psychotherapy & Ecotherapy

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As a psychotherapist I use an ecological approach. I use my experience and knowledge of working experientially, outdoors and with "the more than human" beings, often being part of the process. I also use my knowledge as a student of cognitive science and pychology (and my knowledge and experience from my other studies, of course). I also use my own lived experience and the learning and experience I have gained, having worked through some pretty severe childhood traumas and ensuing dissociation and being neurodivergent in different ways. 

I am of course under supervision, and I continue my own personal therapy, as both are a requirement from my training provider but is also in total alignment with how I see my own responsibility as a psychotherapist, even a growth facilitator and a trauma sensitive mindfulness instructor, to continue to tend to myself and my own learning and growth journey.

Other things that I use as a psychotherapist is the knowledge and experience, I have gained through my own ways of learning about myself from expressing myself through visual art and writing, as well as my studies on expressive arts and my formal education in literature and language. I of course also use all my experience and formal trainings in mindfulness and especially in trauma sensitive mindfulness.

Sessions can be given both in English and in Swedish. I am a member of UKATA, UKCP, ESTD and MiMer Centre (Equine Assisted Education and Research Centre that I chair and lead) is a member of HETI.



I have often been told I should become a psychotherapist... But I have always hesitated. Me? Am I not too crazy? Too wild? Too different?

Then I started to share more about my own growth journey, and I found people were really interested and wanted more of what I shared. So. Here I am, in psychotherapy training. It took me some years to find the right one. You can see in my CV that I have taken some shorter and longer trainings. Maybe they were a preparation? Taking these trainings mean I can move from sharing what helped for me - to supporting you on your own journey.

In 2022-2023 I did a year at Metanoia Psychotherapy and Research Institute in London, studying at the program for an MSc in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Applications. Now I am with The Red Kite in Liverpool, doing a post graduate training in Ecological Psychotherapy and Counselling (TA approach).

Together with my more than 11 years of experience as a growth facilitator, working with equine assisted, animal assisted, nature assisted, rewilding interventions (using trauma sensitive mindfulness, learning and as an equine professional supporting psychotherapy), and my 5 years of experience in educating about it, as well as being part of smaller research projects and collaborative EU projects, I find myself having loads of both formal training and experience within my particular field of work. 

If you are interested in trying me out as a psychotherapist, I give sessions at a reduced price (I use a sliding scale), as I am a psychotherapist trainee (see my fees here). Contact me to book in-person or online sessions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fees 2023-24

BudGrowth Sessions & NAL/M (Nature Assisted Learning/Mindfulness)

In person per hour 60 Euro

Online per hour 50 Euro


EAL/TS-EAM, EATIC (Equine Assisted Learning/Trauma Sensitive Equine Assisted Mindfulness, Equine Assisted Trauma Informed Care)

In person per hour 100 Euro (includes a second human team member and a horse/horses).


Psychotherapy & Ecotherapy

In person/online per hour (I am a psychotherapy trainee, and work under supervision): 5-50 Euro. I use a sliding scale. Contact me so we can speak about what would work for you.


Supervision/mentoring (EAL/TS-EAM, EATIC, REWILD(ING))

In person/online per hour 70 Euro


Lived Experience Consultant

In person/online per hour (early childhood trauma, CSA; CSE, dissociation, ND) 70 Euro


Contact me for prices for groups, more bespoke intensive work (several sessions in a short amount of time). Or for other more individualized or bespoke work. You can also hire me as a facilitator for your retreats, workshops etc. Check out the service page.


About my Price Philosophy

I have considered if I have expenses (e.g. travels to make), if I am having another person on the team, or a horse e.g., I have also considered you, and your ability to pay. You can always approach me to discuss the price. We can negotiate them, every person has a particular situation, and therefore I think flexibility is needed. I do, however, think everyone needs to pay something. What is given away for free, or to a too low cost, will not be valued, and it is not supporting engagement, for anyone. involved. 

All work as an educator and trainer in equine assisted interventions I do via MiMer Centre:, MiMer School.

Growth Sessions - Mindfulness - "Wild-at-Heart-ness"

Katarina Lundgren - Growth Facilitator Are you looking for ways of how to be more in synchrony, at ease, in peace – with yourself? More grounded in your choices? Wanting to move forward towards doing and embracing the things that are important to you in life?

Finding our own ways, our own joy and peace is not always easy. We often carry a heavy load of expectations on how to fit in, do what others think would be good for us, follow more traditional and straight ways to a more traditional life. Many of us learn early in life to listen more to others than to ourselves.

If you feel a bit wilder in your heart, want to live “your one wild and precious life”* in your own ways. If you do not want to limit yourself because of your fears, but still feel you have a lot of questions, hesitations, even perhaps deep fears, I offer you sessions where we together can explore both your map, your compass and possible roads ahead. Where we can look at unexplored areas, as well as what might hold you back. Where you can figure out and practice how you can practice hearing and trusting yourself better. And perhaps live a little bolder? Or feeling more grounded in your choices. 


So, what is this? That I am offering?

I always operate in intersections. What I offer is based on experiential learning, often on animal (equine) and/or nature assisted work. On mindfulness – but also what I call heartfulness, as well as expressive arts, and movement modalities.

I am a psychotherapy trainee (see my CV here), and I also offer psychotherapy and ecotherapy (I am under supervision). But the above sessions I don’t call psychotherapy, but growth sessions.

I have over 11 years of experience facilitating growth for people. I offer sessions in-person, in a couple of places, since I am quite wild at heart myself, an adventurer and somewhat of a nomad, these sessions cannot be had once a week, but more intensively and as boosts to other growth work you do (inside or outside of therapy). Get in touch with me to know where I am if you want to book in-person sessions. I also offer sessions online. Where you will get homework to do outdoors, in nature and/or together with animals you have around you/can meet.

If you are a nature assisted practitioner or work animal assisted yourself, I also offer supervision or mentoring.

I have extensive training in trauma and dissociation, and together with that I also consult using my own lived experience on early childhood trauma, dissociation, and Neurodivergence/neurodiversity.

In my offers to you, I use all my skills, practice, knowledge, and experience.

I am happy to do both individual and group work.

Check under services for other of my offers.

Do you feel curious about me and my offers?

Contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* From Mary Oliver's The Summer Day

Other Services

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Growth Sessions, Personal Development and Learning

These are services I offer where also mindfulness most often is part of the deal, but it is not psychotherapy. You find information about psychotherapy/Ecotherapy here.

And more detailed information about Mindfulness here.


The Whats:

  • Growth Sessions - Mindfulness & Heartfulness 
  • Equine and Nature assisted Interventions (ENAI)
  • Trauma Sensitive Equine Assisted Mindfulness (TS-EAM)
  • Trauma Sensitive Nature Assisted Mindfulness (TS-NAM)
  • Rewilding, Re-Wild your Heart Workshops
  • Mindfulness courses (Grounding, Resourcing, Bouncing Back etc.)
  • Equine Assisted Experiential Learning
  • Courses on Stress, Trauma, Dissociation and Neurodivergence
  • Texts, Talks, Seminars etc. on Trauma, Neurodivergence and ENAI
  • Courses on how to be Trauma and Neurodiversity Informed/Sensitive
  • Mentoring, Consultation and Supervision
  • Poetry, Pictures - Expressions and Art as well as Expressive Arts
  • Psychotherapy 
  • Lived Experience Consultancy

All one on one or in smaller groups. With experienced facilitators where everyone’s welfare and wellbeing is respected and important.


The Hows: 


I give trainings in how to work with mindfulness, grounding, and stabilization to support people with trauma and dissociation - outdoors in nature with or without horses (sheep or other animals). I focus these trainings on educating on how to facilitate for different people to find ways of grounding that works for them. How to use mindfulness as a part of everyday routine, but also how to use it in more specific situations, such as with flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, anxiety, dissociation, and other trauma responses. How to both work trauma informed/sensitive but also trauma focused. Trainings are given through MiMer Centre


I offer retreats, often together with other professionals, like yoga teachers, expressive arts therapists etc. These retreats are for those of you who want to experience and work with your own growth, resilience and self-care. But perhaps also slow down, find your inner rhythm, and even express yourself (arts, writer's retreats). You can also hire me as a facilitato at your retreats.


The workshops are set up as an invitation to explore the ways you express (or want to express) yourself. Also the workshops I often give in collaboration with  other professional. The TS-EAM, TS-NAM and the Rewild Your Heart workshhops are offered through MiMer Centre.


I offer individual and group sessions, where we work with mindfulness, heartfulness, self-awareness, coping, grounding, self-care, resilience, self-compassion, self-support, expressive arts/expressing yourself, listening to yourself etc.


I give talks, seminars and lectures where I use both my theoretical knowledge and my own experiences of trauma, dissociation and ND. They can be of the inspirational sort, or more of the traditional educational sort. I educate in how to be trauma/ND aware/sensitive/informed - and also focused - in all kinds of situations, from your business life to your private life.


I write extensively on trauma, trauma/ND informed/sensitive/aware mindfulness, coaching and therapy, on the theory behind what trauma is, how to understand it, how it happens, the impact of trauma, what can be done about it - with a specific focus on severe trauma/ND with dissociation. I also write about more general topics, pertaining to cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, ethics. And on anything that has to do with equine cognition, equine welfare (especially in therapy and learning situations), equine needs (biological, cognitive, emotional and social) and equine-human relationships. Check out my blogs or my social media pages for more background. Both for Live the Change and MiMer Centre.


The Wheres:

I am a somewhat nomadic person (at least for now). Meaning I work in many different places and countries. I often offer events of different kinds together with collaborators, and so far I am often, or a times, hosted in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Latvia, UK, Italy, Germany, Hungary and France. If you want me to come to these countries, or elsewhere, please contact me and we can look into how we can make that happen. 


More information

Descriptions of all the work I do with our training in EATIC - Equine Assisted Trauma Informed Care, and Trauma Sensitive Equine Assisted Mindfulness (TS-EAM), Rewilding etc., you find on MiMer's (Equine-Human Education and Research Centre) page: Some of the services mentioned above are offered through MiMer Centre alone, or in a collaboration between Live the Change and MiMer Centre. 

For the work that I do in Live the Change - you find more information here on this web site, but if you can't find what you are looking for, or have a question, an idea, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

ART: Sculptures

HeadraI use my hands to put what I can't verbalize out into the world. 

See my sculptures


ART: Drawings & Paintings

VoiceI use papers and colors to express what moves inside of me, bypassing needing to find words.

See more of my artwork on paper here


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