BudMindfulness & Growth Sessions & NAL/M (Nature Assisted Learning/Mindfulness)

In person per hour 60 Euro

Online per hour 50 Euro


EAL/TS-EAM, EATIC (Equine Assisted Learning/Trauma Sensitive Equine Assisted Mindfulness, Equine Assisted Trauma Informed Care)

Contact me for a quote.


Psychotherapy & Ecotherapy

In person/online per hour (I am a psychotherapy trainee, and work under supervision): 5-50 Euro. I use a sliding scale. Contact me so we can speak about what would work for you.


Supervision/mentoring (EAL/TS-EAM, EATIC, REWILD(ING))

In person/online per hour 70 Euro


Lived Experience Consultant/Education

In person/online per hour (early childhood trauma, CSA; CSE, dissociation, ND) 70 Euro


Contact me for prices for groups, more bespoke intensive work (several sessions in a short amount of time). Or for other more individualized or bespoke work. You can also hire me as a facilitator for your retreats, workshops etc. Check out the service page.


About my Price Philosophy

I have considered if I have expenses (e.g. travels to make), if I am having another person on the team, or a horse e.g., I have also considered you, and your ability to pay. You can always approach me to discuss the price. We can negotiate them, every person has a particular situation, and therefore I think flexibility is needed. I do, however, think everyone needs to pay something. What is given away for free, or to a too low cost, will not be valued, and it is not supporting engagement, for anyone. involved. 

All work as an educator and trainer in equine assisted interventions I do via MiMer Centre: www.mimercentre.org, MiMer School.